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Property Searches

When you purchase any property, it is imperative that you are completely informed. As a title company, one of our primary goals is to ensure that any property involved in a real estate transaction is legitimate and reassures the buyer that once he or she purchases a property, they will be its rightful owner.

To guarantee the validity of any title, we carry out title searches and examine the property records in depth to ensure the company or person who claims to own that property is the legal owner and nobody else would be able to claim partial or full ownership.

Types of property searches:

County Searches – County searches are conducted to follow the chain of title insuring the current owner is the rightful owner of the property. The search typically goes back 65 years for a purchase and 25 years on a refinance. In the event the property requires further investigation, the time going back is endless.

Surrogates – In the event of a death, searches are conducted in the surrogates court to make sure all the necessary documents are filed. The transfer of real property through an estate can be complicated and time consuming.

Tideland Searches – The state of NJ claims interest in parts of property that are now or formerly flowed by tide or tidal streams. It’s a very complex and important issue affecting all counties in this state with the exceptions of Morris, Hunterdon, Sussex and Warren.

Flood searches- Flood searches look at properties within flood map areas. We will be able to determine if flood insurance will be needed on this property.

Municipal searches- Municipal searches look at the specific information for the town to sell a property, including tax information, requirements of code enforcement, any discounts on tax imposed on the property etc.

What Do We Do During A Property Search?

When carrying out a title search, we look for outstanding liens, mortgages, unpaid taxes or judgments linked to the property, as well as any easements, leases, restrictions or any other issue that could have an impact on the property’s ownership. We may also carry out a survey of the property to determine the boundaries within which the property lies. This is done to determine if the property is within those defined boundaries, if neighbors have any encroachments onto the property or if there is an easement that could have an effect on the ownership claim.

What Can Be Uncovered During A Property Search?

Having title searches carried out by a professional title company, such as Majestic Title, is a key element of any real estate transaction. There are many things that can be uncovered that could eventually lead to a challenge of the title’s ownership. Not only that, but a title search may uncover something that could potentially cost you a large sum of money in the future to fix. This is why finding a qualified, competent, and experienced title company to carry out property searches and be able to decipher the searches is so important. Here at Majestic Title, we can uncover a range of title situations that could prove to be problematic before closing the deal, such as:

  • Outstanding mortgage liens
  • Restrictions limiting the land’s use
  • Invalid transfers of title
  • Probate issues
  • A break in the title chain
  • A foreclosure issue
  • An incorrect legal description

The Key Steps In Performing A Title Search

There are several steps we take and elements we examine when carrying out a property search:

Chain of title – This is the sequence of title transfers for the property in question. It runs backward from the current owners for a period of up to 65 years, depending on the transaction taking place, ie a sale or refinance. This information is derived from public records which include tax maps, filed maps, index records etc. An incomplete title chain could mean the existing owner may not have a good and marketable title.

Tax search – This reveals the current real estate tax status against the house and whether any tax is unpaid or overdue from a previous year. A tax search also helps to determine whether any special assessments exist pertaining to the past or present.

Judgment and name search – It’s vital to research if there are any judgments against any current or previous owners that remain unsatisfied.
As a title company with 30 years of experience in the industry, Majestic Title is the perfect choice to carry out your property title searches and guarantee your real estate transaction processes smoothly. We will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing no problematic title-related matters are likely to come to light after your purchase.

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